App 4 is here

The view from here is better. We've made it to basecamp on a longer journey to 'Peak App'. We want you to like it more, but need it less, by reducing the number of steps to get where you're going. 

We want to shift focus up, from your phone to your home.

Download the LIFX app and get connected.

Swipe, swipe

Within the Home screen, you'll be able to access and control all the lights in a location from the Dashboard. From here, swipe left to access Scenes and Effects, and swipe right to see your Schedules and Day & Dusk.

New Dashboard

Offering easy shortcuts for your thumb, the Dashboard allows you to control a whole group via the slider, or expand to view individual lights you can tap on and off.


Tap into Group Settings to choose an illustration to match, or even better, pick a photo that really shows the mood of the space. Why not use a photo of every room lit up? (But we get it. Some of you will have multiple pictures of your cat. Or goldfish. You just do you).


Schedules, including Day & Dusk, are now all in one place. The scroll down view makes it easier to see what you've set and for when.

Scenes & Effects

LIFX Effects are showstoppers. Flame, Flicker or Move, you can now start with the effect and target the exact lights you want. Find them grouped under the scenes you've created & saved to set the mood. A single tap will activate what you've programmed.


For further information about the new app, including FAQ's, tips, guides and more, click here